Isoken Nwabunka



What do you do when life deals you tough cards?
How do you surmount adversity in a way that changes your life and the lives of countless others?
Isọkẹn is the story of a fearless woman's journey to engaging in business for impact.


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Life is full of twists and turns, so from a young age, I learned that I could not let unexpected events keep me down or define me. When I look back, I see that many of such events shaped me and led me to succeed, but I also remember that what spurred me in the early days was not a self-cultivated desire for success. It was just about survival.
People ask when they hear my story, “How did you go from hawking to being who you are today?”
Indeed, my life has been an interesting journey, from a rough childhood in Benin to seeking opportunities in Lagos and from starting small businesses to teaming up with my husband to build a microfinance institution that impacts hundreds of thousands of lives. As a child, nothing in my life indicated that I would someday be the Executive Director of a top microfinance institution in Nigeria and create opportunities for others. Today, I am grateful for how far I have come.
- Isoken Nwabunka: author of Isọkẹn

Gracefully authored, ISOKEN mirrors its subject's elegance. Its critical message is one of survival, instilling hope in the hearts of readers. The author writes a very personal, most sincere account of her life journey, which anyone can relate to and by which they can be inspired to thrive even in unfavourable circumstances. ISOKEN is a success story and one that reveals empowerment through empowering others. Most notably, it is a strong woman's story. Isoken remains an inspiration and outstanding role model to numerous people.

-  Mrs Vivien Shobo - Foreword, Isọkẹn 

Building Grooming Centre with my wife is a blessing that reminds me that she is indeed the perfect partner for me. Years before we started the Centre, I had supported her in setting up Grooming Salon, a beauty salon that quickly grew to include a gym and spa. The microfinance institution that is today known as Grooming Centre was still a vision back then...

If I had to do it again, I wanted to do it with her. In 2006, when she volunteered to set aside her salon businesses and train in Lift Above Poverty Organisation (LAPO) so that she could set up Grooming Centre, I knew we had a great shot at building an institution.

- Dr. Godwin Nwabunka - Husband of the author, and CEO, Grooming Centre

Isoken is an example that you get what you want through prayers and hard work. To me, she is an excellent woman. She is caring but strict, so, I always tell people not to take her for granted. She clings to her religion and expresses her goodwill to the motherless, less privileged, and to neighbours. I am happy that many who don’t know her will have the opportunity to learn from her story and be inspired by her life.

- Kingsley Egharevba - Contributor, Isọkẹn