About Isọkẹn

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The Woman

Isoken Patricia Nwabunka is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Grooming Centre, a microfinance non-governmental organisation with operations across Nigeria. Her life journey has been an exemplary story of wisdom, courage, and faith to develop to her highest potential against all odds. As an astute manager of people, she and her husband have grown Grooming Centre from one branch in 2006 to a network of over 600 branches in 15 years, serving millions of clients since inception.  Her pedigree, with a master’s degree in International Relations from the Lagos State University and certifications from the Lagos Business School and the Boulder Institute among others, has enabled her to consistently apply global best practices for  the achievement of remarkable results.


The Isoken Foundation is a community where good entrepreneurial principles and practices are inculcated in young and aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

In aiming to attain its goals, Isoken Foundation intends to:

1. Promote the development of personal qualities that are relevant to entrepreneurship, such as creativity, spirit of initiative, risk-taking and responsibility. 

2. Offer early knowledge of and contact with the world of business, and some understanding of the role of entrepreneurs in the community.

3. Raise young and aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs’ awareness of self-employment as a career choice, that one can become not only an employee, but also an entrepreneur. 

4. Organise activities based on learning by doing — for instance, by young entrepreneurs’ running minicompanies or virtual firms. 

5. Provide specific professional training on how to start a business.